CCGG Stewardship

CCGG Stewardship Principles

Stewardship for institutional investors means fulfilling their responsibilities as fiduciaries in meeting their obligations to their beneficiaries or clients. Stewardship is intended to enhance the long-term sustainable creation of value, so companies and their investors can prosper and, in the process, benefit the market and society as a whole.

CCGG’s Stewardship Principles are intended to help institutions investing in Canadian public equities be active and effective stewards of their investments and are directed to both asset owners and asset managers.


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Several institutional investors, as set out below, have publicly endorsed CCGG’s Stewardship Principles. The principles are designed to help articulate ownership responsibilities. They are not intended to impose an unreasonable burden on investors. The principles are voluntary and principles-based, and CCGG will not monitor compliance. In recognition of the global nature of modern investment activity, we have designed the principles to complement, rather than supersede or conflict with, the stewardship principles or codes of other countries or other investor organizations that institutional investors may choose to follow.



The following institutional investors have endorsed CCGG’s Stewardship Principles: